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About Us

Our Business

LNG Plus International Company Limited (“LNG Plus”) is a Thailand-based energy company specializing in activities along the entire LNG activity chain from small scale liquefaction to transportation to storage to transportation to end-users, to storage and regasification at site in order to supply natural gasas alternate clean and economical fuel for power generation; industrial and commercial usage, and diesel replacement in transport sector.

"Our aim is to provide our clients - large and small energy consumers - with integrated natural gas-based energy solutions that are more economical than diesel, cleaner than diesel, and equally accessible as diesel…anywhere."

In order to meet our stated aim, LNG Plus has also been working closely with a major LNG supplier, LNG storage tank and regasification equipment suppliers, gas engine and gas turbine suppliers, truck engine manufacturers and onboard fuel system manufacturers to supply a complete turnkey and/or build-own-operate energy solutions to our clients who can then fully realize the fullest use of this clean and economical alternate fuel.


Who We Are

LNG Plus is privately owned by two Thai shareholders (please see “Our Management”) both having extensive experiences in construction of mega projects including large hydroelectric dams; world-class airports; mass transit systems; elevated expressways; steel structures; shipbuilding; long-span bridges; deep seaports; mining of coals, potash, bauxite, etc; rail construction and operation, major offshore gas field developments, offshore and onshore oil and gas production, offshore platform construction and installation, onshore oil and gas pipelaying, and FPSO conversion and operation.


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